The Bay Area Bandits was formed in March of 2010. It is a mounted shooting club that is affiliated and operates under the guide lines of CSA (Cowboy Sports Association).

Mounted Shooting is a new, fast growing, and exciting sport. It is navigating a ten target course of balloons on a horse and shooting the targets with blanks from a pair of 45 single action revolvers. The course is timed and the rider is penalized for missed targets.

The members are also called by their alias; a nick name that they select that has some significance to them. Like Slow Poke Jack, Crossfire Brown, or Muleskinner. The alias and the clothing helps competitors pay homage to an era of our American Heritage that is most revered, the Old West. And it gives the member a sense of the 'spirit of the game'.

The Bay Area Bandits are dedicated to the family and to friendliness.

You do not need guns or holsters to start. Just bring your horse and an appetite for fun. You wouldn't believe how easily most horses take to this. Our club prides itself on the patience and helpfulness we lend our beginners.

The Bay Area Bandits strive to build a great club that provides an opportunity for horseman and their families, to the share a common interest in preserving the history of the Old West and competitive shooting.

Membership is $25 per person and $40 for the whole family.

Check our calendar for the next practice and match dates. Come on out and join in the spirit of the Old West and have a new kind of fun on your horse.

Who wouldn’t want to be John Wayne in True Grit or Barbara Stanwyck in Big Valley for just 30 seconds?

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Beginner's Mounted
Shooting Practice  

Every Tues & Thurs at 6:30 pm

The Double T Ranch
5206 Turkey Creek Road, Plant City

Denny Chapman's 
Mounted Shooting Tip # 2